Business Process Management

IDA has positioned itself as a technology driven organization wherein, we provide services related to tax certifications and line solutions that deliver quick turnaround time. Our team of experts meet all your customized tax requirements across the nation. We can help you with current year tax summary, redemption, reverse tax certificate, tax lien pay-off, delinquency reporting, tax sale information, and. municipal lien search


Business Process Management

Titile Search Services

Title Search reports are prepared with extensive research on properties and their ownership history, in accordance with requirements and procedures at the respective property locations. The reports are an exhaustive search of the public records. We help to track any outstanding mortgages, liens, judgements & tax status without restrictions like easements & real covenants. In addition to examining recorded documents and tax rolls, foreclosure searches include an examination of the bankruptcy, probate and domestic relations courts.

  • Current Owner Search
  • Two Owners Search
  • 30 Year - FCL Information
  • Update Search
  • Ownership & Encumbrance
  • Assignment verification Report (AVR)
  • Loan Modification
  • Legal & Vesting
  • Manual Tax
  • Home Owners’ Association (HOA) Lien
  • Easement Plotting

Real Property Tax Services

Technology being intact with our daily life, our team has mastered the needs of tax services and successfully automated processes visioning a bigger future requirement. Proudly announcing that our team has acquired expertise in servicing nationwide Tax cert (US). Some of our services that are being lined up, are shown below.

Services we offer :

  • Current year tax summary
  • Delinquency reporting
  • Redemption
  • Municipal line
  • Reverse tax certificates
  • Tax sale information
  • Municipal lien search

Easement Plotting

A specialised team has been assembled to provide a map that relates to easement agreements and legal descriptions of properties so that the affected property’s exact borders are known. Before buying the property, title concerns can be resolved using this customer’s benefits.

Additionally, the team is configured to draw attention to any legal concerns noted in the legal description and to make recommendations for re-recording and correcting the documents in accordance with the Property

  • Legal Plotting
  • Legal Residential Properties
  • Legal Commercial Properties
  • Easement Plotting
  • Easement Residential Properties
  • Easement Commercial Properties